Friday, May 13, 2016


Hi lovelies! 
Here are some photos that are taken all randomly by Erdenebayar during a video shoot couple weeks ago. I love how these pictures turned out even though they are not planned.

Phtotos by Erdenebayar

Leather jacket-Bcbg Maxazria

<3 Una

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Happy Spring all!
I am so happy that the climate is very pleasant. It makes me wanna jump so high and hug everyone around me haha. Generally I become so hyper when the weather is lovely like this. 
 I'm a person who loves to wear comfy over girly stuff as you can see this outfit.
BTW I started going back to gym after 2 seasons haaaa. I gained like 5 lbs over Mongolian new year ughhhh. So happy to be back at my gym life. Once in a while i do boxing for ultra sweat session. 
Work is calm and I'd doing totally fine in UB.
kissessssss and hugsss

Bomber-borrowed my little bro's :))
Distressed tee-UNCAGED
Skinnies-Micheal stars ( won the gift card from Ellen show )
Booties-Jeffrey Campbells
facemask-Surgical ones lol

<3 Una

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Showering Monkey

 Hello lovely creatures!
I am so excited about Spring. Here is my first Spring post Yaay. I just realized I made only one post for winter OMG! Because it's so freaking cold and I literally wore just one winter parka nonstop. I couldn't even stay outside more than 5 minutes. It's very hard to look cool lol! 
So here you go!

Photos by Miaf

Boots-Nike airmax (winterboot)

<3 Una

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sneakers of the week.

Hi everyone! Happy March! Spring is in the air. and I'm so excited  about it Here are some of my favorite footwear for spring. I only owned a pair of white converse before. 
 More like a wishlist :)

I absolutely love the color  and shape of this sneakers. It will look cute with pair of jogger pants.
Who doesn't like white shoes? It will look lovely with all white look.

I always wanted to own tubular sneakers. Definitely a trendy investment for sure.
Don't they look comfortable and cute and the same time? Very pretty for this summer :)

I will come back with ootd post soon :)

<3 Una

Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Wonderland

Hi all! here is my first look for this winter! I still need to buy hat though :)
But my headphones  keep my ears very warm. I kinda don't like wearing double layers of pants though, it feels so annoying. ughhh
But I really enjoy snow :)

Photos by Battuvshin

Park-Blvck store
Back pack-Kitson
Boots-Nike Airmax
Skinny Jeans- H&M
Head phones-Skullcandy

<3 Una

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spectre official premier in Mongolia

Hello everyone!  I have been super busy with my latest works. Here are my photos from James Bond Spectre"s official premier in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. I helped for delivering VIP invitations with actor Orgil. It was pleasure working with Range rover, Omega and Heineken brands. These companies are official sponsor for James Bond Movie world wide. We held this premier in newly opened "Gegeenten" center. The whole premier included one hour show before and after movie.

Photos by Orshih
With the Bond guy "Orgil"

Invitation delivery by us
With lovely Sodgerel-Founder of Buro 24/7 online magazine

Porsche dealer
With the owner of Huyndai "Enkhmandakh"

Owner of Rorsche dealer James

official sponsor Range Rover
With the parliament member Zorigt

With Odko
With the Parliament member Oyungerel
Rap singer Quiza
With Founder of ARD "Gankhuyag"
Singer Bachka

Invitation delivery process
Offical sponsor Heineken

At the premier
I only have one pic from the event.
Hot bond models :)
(Dresses designed by me)

Special edition for the movie
Official sponsor

<3 Una