Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring fever

Hello gorgeous people! I am very excited about this post. Me and my friend "Gankhulug shot these pictures in  Walt Disney concert hall last week. It was very beautiful around there. From the interior to Gardening was just absolutely beautiful. Since it's spring time, those jacarandas were so lovely and romantic. 
I also wore this lovely maxi skirt from Shabby Apple. I spotted these skirts in New York Fashion week. If you're in colder area, you can wear oversized coat or jacket over it. It will create very chic look. Some  of you guys may know that I:m a sucker for anything high-waisted.
Also my best friend Saruul did my hair and make up. I am in love with this messy french braid. She did an awesome job.
 So here you go all!

Photos by Gankhulug

Skirt-Shabby apple
Cropped top-Forever 21
Shoes-My old CHucks :)

<3 Una


Anonymous said...

You look stunning.

Ice Pandora said...

You look GORGEOUS xx

Way2dress said...

Very fun look!