Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hello beautiful creatures! and Happy holidays! It's been raining last couple days in LA and too cold brrrr. I just want to snuggle in bed and get delivery food  all day lol.
 BTW I finished reading Fifty shades trilogy and I loved it so much.  I kinda miss reading it ;p. 
For now I just started reading the Great Gatsby. I can't wait finish it. 
So here is my look for LA Winter. Some of you guys already know that I love wearing sporty looks lately. I customized this sweatshirt on SNAPMADE. You can pretty much customize anything on any item. Since its Holiday season, you can personalize those gifts. It's always lovely to receive personalized gifts. My favorite part is the back. I put astronaut and it was inspired by the movie " Interstellar".  
Make up by Saruul Beckbaatar
Photos by Pavel Penkov

Customized sweatshirt-SNAPMADE
Faux Leather pants-H&M
Sandals-Random store on  Melrose

<3 Una