Monday, December 1, 2014


Hello everyone!
It's last day of November and it's almost DECEMBER OMG! 
Lets make this month the best chapter of this year all! So far I read 4 books this month. 3 of them are Mongolian books and the last one was Fifty shades of Grey. I know that i started this book way more late than you guys :P. I also started going back to gym and started eating healthy. So everything is back on track and more new posts are coming soo :)

Photos by Pavel Penkov


HAT-Gifted from My Friend Pasha-KITSON
Basic tee- H&M Men's basic section
SKinnies-Micheal stars

<3 Una


Sharon said...

Love it bb. Your coat is fabulous. I have those shoes, too. Yay Solemates!! haha. Miss you so much.

xx Sharon

melissa said...

Just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love the look and that coat is AMAZING!