Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sporty chic

Hello fellas! I apologize for being super missing in action. me and my photographer friends were so  busy and I got sick for little while. I didn't even have full day off for a long time. Turned  out i had pre-hypertension and I was taking some rest from gym and stuff. But now I'm back to reality and I'm totally OK. So I've been obsessed with anything sporty. It can be anything from protein shake, sport tools to any sport apparel. It's just so comfortable and I feel good when I wear them.
I had a chance to shoot with my favorite twins from school. Please check their blog here. We had a blast while we shoot.

Sport's bra-adidas
Womens training pants-adidas
long sleeve-adidas
Sandals from -Shopthetrends
Chanel perfume phone case -HAPPY ENDINGS LA

<3 Una


Sonya Ann Kovaleswani said...

wow, so sexy ;)


Michaella said...

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Sheila said...

Love the outfit! And cute placement for your tattoo. I'm thinking about the same placement.. but debating still.

xo - Sheila

Anonymous said...

WTF about blog fashion