Friday, March 7, 2014

White out

Happy Friday all! It's a gloomy day in LA and my rest day. For the first time I tried "Body Pump" and "Yoga" classes at my local gym. I really loved the Body Pump class. According to the coach we burned 600 to 800 calories and worked almost all parts of muscles such as shoulder, glut, chest, bicep, triceps, back and abs. I think I will join that class every week from now on. I really enjoyed it. :)
For my today's post, I am wearing the top I made for school project and the skirt and shoes are from SHOPTHETREND. Please check out their boutique!. It's very trendy and affordable at the same time. The skirt is very fit and I am wearing size small. The shoes are super comfy and very classic and chic <3
You guys know I love WHITE :)
 So here you go all!

Trench coat-Banana Republic

<3 Una


Katrine Pedersen said...

Sounds lovely about the body pump!
And such great outfit, good looking as always :-)

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Mandi said...

A good workout sound so GOOD right now. Love your style. New follower!

Anonymous said...

Huhnii chin tovchiig imrehsen.. shunujin edlen jargaahsan