Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kate Swim

Hi all! Sorry for not posting for super long. I just came from Hawaii one week before. I'm back to school already. Ughh I'm still in vacation mood, not ready for school mood. Specially when I'm taking the hardest classes with the tightest schedule. Oh well I gained 8 pounds in Hawaii. I couldn't resist the good food over there. I had such an amazing time. I went to all the places I used to go. I had all this nostalgic moments. I can't wait to go back there some other time. It was such a heaven on earth. The sky, weather, beautiful nature, nicest people and of course the good food. I enjoyed every single of the moment. Thanks god for the amazing 3 weeks vacation for me. While I was there I had some photoshoots including KATE SWIM swimsuit brand. I felt honored to model and I want to Thanks for our photographer and stylist Sara Anslow. We went to Coconut island's sandbar for the photoshoot. We shoot all of them on a boat and it was super fun. So here you go all!

Swim suit-Kate Swim

<3 Una


Ice Pandora said...

Welcome back!
Wow wow wow stunning photography!
The advertisement looks really
good c: Xx

Linda B said...

Ahhh, you modeled?? How awesome! You look stunning :D

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Cassandra Too said...

You look amazing in the pictures!

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cassandra xx

Pettit Mom said...

Pretty you

Rakel said...

amazing post!

Instant Milk said...

You look hot! Love the first shot <3


I Should Blog said...

hawaii.. so jealous, hope you had fun! good luck with your studies!!

I Should Blog

Minh Nguyen said...

Wow you are gorgeous! I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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