Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Suit n Tie

Hey all! Today I'm wearing my very last purchase from TOP SHOP :) i got this from TOP SHOP in VEGAS for my birthday. I kinda wish these pants were high waisted, but its okay I love it anyway. I also want to mention the heels. Two of my bffs got me this for my birthday :) I just loooove them so much. You guys know that I love stilettos to much. So here you go all!

Blazer & Trousers-TOP SHOP
Pumps-gifted from loves ( Steve Madden)

<3 Una


Avellia Anwar said...

lovin' this look <3

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa

Bindi Enkh-Amgalan said...

Your pictures look absolutely amazing! U got new camera? nice suit :)

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

Sexy. You certainly heat up in a suit.
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Linda B said...

Whoa, this matching print set is amazing! Love the pants :)

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The white cabbage said...

so chic!


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Kasia M said...


Lali said...


turuu said...

I Love You!

I Should Blog said...

you look lovely, i am mad about this outfit!! great post!

Laura Hyatt said...

WOW, this outfit is amazing! i love the matchy matchy of it! Looking good! xx