Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mirror on my shoes~~JC again!!!

Hello everyone!I hope everybody is having a great week. I guess I'm obsessed with this fur thingy lately as you know I have been wearing this a lot.  (Here and Here)It makes my regular jacket into autumn outerwear. On my previous post, I was wearing my black Clinic Booties from JC  Here, but this time, I am wearing the same booties but different colored ones. I wear the black ones more often than the white pair, because the white pairs are kinda hard to go along with my outfits. But here you go all!!

Blazer-Charlotte Russe, Top-F21, Jeans-Levis, Clutch-Aldo, Watch-Citizen, Shoes-JC~Clinic

<3 Una
Have a great day all!


Melu103 said...

those are some crazy shoes!

loving your outfit!


Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...

omg those shoes are so cool! i totally love your outfit! its awesome!


Veronica Popoiacu said...

these shoes are amazing !

Amrilove said...

I want those clinic in black so so bad !!!!

chelsea.jade said...

Love this! Those shoes are great.
And I wanted to say thankyou for following my blog!! You made me reach 200 followers so thankyou lovely :)

Mira said...

I love your shoes! I love clinic, want them in black! The rest of your outfit is really great aswell :)

Zuzana said...

Wow! I love your jacket! I would like to have similar.:)

sabrina maida said...

amazing shoes and jacket !! love it :)

Kayleigh said...

Oh my gosh,these shoes are insane! there gorgeous. Love your outfit too,that jacket is fabulous with that luxe fur colar!
Thanks so much for your lovely comment,I know what you mean about projects giving you a headache :D

Hope your having a wonderful week x

Mannequins Dream said...

they are sooooo cool! you rock them!! :D Xx

EverythingPrettyGirls said...

Wow, those are SO cool. I love your style... so fun!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous outfit! i love your eyemakeup too ~ would love to see a tutorial :)

cool shows tho, never seen anything like that before!!


Natasa said...

I love your shoes and blazer :) Great look :)

Kate said...

Original shoes)

Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, these shoes are amazing, I just ordered a pair! Thank you for supporting my shoes addiction:) I absolutely love your blog and outfits! I am now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


Jazmin said...

Talk about I can see myself in your shoes!! Love them.

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Joyce said...

The white color is beautiful,too! And I love your blazer. Your entire outfit is gorgeous :)

jas said...

great fur collar!

Naara said...

JC IS SO AWESOME. When I saw your shoes I literally said "WOAH" but then I saw your whole outfit and was even more amazed!

Sidney Salim said...

You look ah-mazing!! I love how you put the whole outfit together. And those JC are irresistible!
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Anonymous said...

thank you dear for sweet comment,your blog is awesome to so edgy and shopisticated style. follow you back

Marcela Gmd said...

Hi lovely, I love your style!!!! beautiful shoes!
I like your blog! I follow you for Google Now!!
I'm very happy if you follow me too!
Have a nice weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela

Paulina said...

yes, it is :) i want this shoes in my wardrobe now!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

you look so amazing!

new post - follow me♥mfashionfreak

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Judith. said...

i love your heels!

thanks or your lovely comment! I follow you back:)

Sveva said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Like your look! Nice shoes!
Follow you!

rae said...

wow those shoes are insane! in a good way! also, i really love the color of your contacts on you. :)

<3 rae

Fabrizia said...

Such a lovely post, I like these photos! Great sense of style!

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Carolina Costas said...

Amazing post. The clucth and the blazer are stunning :)


Sabrina said...

amazing blog!!!i'm following you !!if you like mine,do the same!!!

AmazinglyBe-AU-tiful said...

lovely outfit and amazing shoes :)

follow me :)


Jenine Semilla said...

Nice outfit! Thanks for dropping by at my blog! <3

Vivid Virginia said...

Great photos! Love your shoes. You look a amazing in this post :)

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Nixie Pyrena said...

just found this blog, what a great blog you have ! you look stunning !! love those shoes :D

enjoyed my time reading your posts and def following :)

have a great day !
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mespeel said...

i love ur blog! i'm following u :)

great shoes!

Joellen said...

Love your blog! I'm your new follower xo I hope you'll follow me too and we can be blogger buddies hehe


bubbles and windmills said...

love your shoes!!!

Rakhshan said...

i so love your leopard print clutch its sooo gorgeous, loving your blog too, following u now!
would love if u follow back here's mine

FashionableAsians said...

those are the sickest shoes ever! Love them! and if you are in need of a mirror you don't have to run to the bathroom lol

Nicoletta said...

Amazing SHOES. Love them! You have great style girl.
Nice blog.
Have a nice day, dear!
Nicoletta from:

Anonymous said...

These shoes are amazing!

Lucija said...

I think you have an amazing amazing blog. This post is one of my favourite yet!Follow each other? :)


Fabrizia said...

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Francesca Giusti said...

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Laura said...

Love love love that blazer!!! You look great. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

At Fashion's Mercy said...

LOVE IT! Those shoes are amazing!
You have such an incredible blog!!!
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minnja said...

Great blog and I follow you now via google friends connect.
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Mangotatoes said...

thanks for the follow, your shoes are insane! Love your pics ;]


Celestine said...

amazing outfit

those shoes are so cool and you are so lucky to have them in black and white

thanx for your lovely comment

new follower here

Jay said...

Love this! sick shoes :)

Michelle said...

nice shoes
check out my blog