Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Tokyo~~~

Today me and my bf went to little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles  for buy bamboo stick to make Korean Kimbab(it's kind of like sushi but little different) :) It was such a fun day. Little Tokyo has such a cute and cool stores all over. It's just like a little Japan. There are bunch of cool clothing boutiques and other stores. After looking around some clothing stores, we went to Little Tokyo shopping center which is like a mall, but small. We saw Hello Kitty store, kitchen supplies and home supplies. But guess what we found! We found this cool Macaroon shop. OMG!... It was right next to Pink berry. We bought some flavors and my favorite one is the earl grey tea one. It taste like a heaven lol! I"m not a person who loves sweets, but i love macaroons. So here is some snapshots for you guys. If you live around LA you should definitely come try this macaroon store in Little Tokyo.
Since maxi skirt/dress is trend for this fall. I pulled out my summer maxi dress with my favorite brown blazer. And of course faux fur is perfect! Who doesn't like fur nowadays. Oops i can't believe i forgot my purse in the car when i we were doing the photoshoot lol. My purse was matching my outfit perfectly. haha. but it's ok.

Blazer-Forever 21, Maxi dress-Forever 21, Sunglasses-Oliver people


sharon lei said...

OMG! I love macarons sooooooo much. OBSESSED. LOL. One time I bought $50 worth. hahaha. But of course I shared it. Too bad there isn't a good macaron bake shop here on Maui. :(

xx Love & Aloha

Lilith said...

Love that dress

Viktoria said...

YUMMY:)and I really like your look.
thanks for comment. followed:)

Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...

love love love your outfit! its totally awesome! and those look so yummy!



Toka said...

I love your nails


fashion kats said...

lovely dress!
thanks for your comment and for follow me! I'm following you too!

Jess ♡ said...

You are SO gorgeous, I love that fur collar detailing, and ugh, those macaroons? Gimme!

Oggy said...

Macaroons look so yummy n pretty colorful. Make me wanna try them