Monday, October 17, 2011

Evening craving

 After all day work, I'm still surfing internet for shopping. I mean window shopping, lol. My favorite Clothing Website is Nastygal. OMG i love every item on it, no joke! I just saw this top which is amahzing :)
                                                      For love & Lemons~ Laurel top
I like how long is this top, I can wear them with short shorts or skinny jeans or i can wear them with cute tight skirt by tucking the lower part of the top. 

OMG! i love the detailing on the back. For me the backless tops and dresses are the most sexy!! Specially the upper and middle back part. 

This baby will be mine soon :)
You can have this top from

<3 Una


Lilith said...

Ooh thats lovely