Saturday, March 19, 2016


Happy Spring all!
I am so happy that the climate is very pleasant. It makes me wanna jump so high and hug everyone around me haha. Generally I become so hyper when the weather is lovely like this. 
 I'm a person who loves to wear comfy over girly stuff as you can see this outfit.
BTW I started going back to gym after 2 seasons haaaa. I gained like 5 lbs over Mongolian new year ughhhh. So happy to be back at my gym life. Once in a while i do boxing for ultra sweat session. 
Work is calm and I'd doing totally fine in UB.
kissessssss and hugsss

Bomber-borrowed my little bro's :))
Distressed tee-UNCAGED
Skinnies-Micheal stars ( won the gift card from Ellen show )
Booties-Jeffrey Campbells
facemask-Surgical ones lol

<3 Una


Katsuumi said...

I like this look :-)

Ganbilguudei Batbold said...

Goodluck pretty girl!��

Spittly Sours said...

I loved this post, you have friends, be happy and still enjoy some alone time!