Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fall in love

Hello beautiful people!
It's officially Fall. One thing i love about this season is layering and not worrying about getting fat haha just joking. There are lots of things to like in this season. Such as pumpkin spice lattes, candles, books, movies, soups, colored leaves, scarves, cozy cute socks, hiking in the mountain, photo shoots, coffees and more. So here you go all!

 my essentials for fall.

2. thigh high boots
3. big scarves
4. to go hot coffee mug 
5. leggings
7. hand lotion beanies 
9. darker lipsticks and nails 
10. warm sweaters and lovely books <3

Photos by Gankhulug


Katrine Pedersen said...

Wow you look gorgeous! I love your dress and coat :-)

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