Thursday, June 26, 2014

I can't keep calm because it's my birthday.

Hello everyone!
 I am wearing very beautiful skirt from Eshakti. This skirt is a hot trend for this summer. It can look very casual or chic depends on how you style it. Since. Another awesome thing about this site is that you can customize it by any length or style. They have a variety of lady like dresses and skirts. Please check them out here . So here you go all!
Photo by lovely Degi

top-Brandy Melvile
Pumps-Charlotte Russe

<3 Una


Mrs. Aa said...

lovely shots

visit mine,
Miss Aa

Helena Natanael said...

happy birthday! such lovely shots! <3

Helena Resende said...

Amazing pictures :)

Unknown said...

Nice photos =]!

Miss Couture said...

ystoi huurhun zuragnuud baina hamgiin suuliih hamgiin best ni ;)

riyajain said...

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