Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hello everyone! Happy Hump day! It's been a quite chilly day in LA today. I had to pick up some fabrics for my upcoming fashion show in school. I'm working for my last category. I am pretty excited about it, but the same time its quite challenging. I am making a whole outfit with all white leather. It's inspired by a car "Maybach". I never worked with leather before though. I can't wait to share with you guys when it's done. So here you go guys!
Photography, Styling and editing done by Livinelay (Thanks love=)
Please visit her page for more pics and business inquiries. She is a talented young lady. we made this photo shoot in a same location as my last post. You can see downtown Los Angeles in the background. We always have fun when we see each other :) love you babe!

<3 Una


Anonymous said...

Looking amazing! Kudos to your friend, great job on the photography!

Rui Jun Luong said...

Lovely pictures!

Audrey. said...

cool shirt! said...

you're so so so beautiful !!!!!!! love tho look <3

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natasha jones said...

The color combo is perfect!! Fab design!!

Anonymous said...

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