Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer wine

Hi all! Happy Summer! I am having my favorite Pinot Grigio and blogging of course :) Crop top has been my  absolute summer essential for almost any occasion. I just love it in any shape and textures. I love how it compliment my body shape. I am not a big fan of wearing something too baggy. We went to Melrose ave t take my photos and I love how they have all this great colorful cool walls. I want to thank to my friend who took my photos. Good job for first try :)


Linda Becaca said...

Awesome top and fun colored shorts!

Trendy Teal

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

Good gosh you have a nice body. Very hot look.
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Marta said...

Fabulous top and cool pants!

Ice Pandora said...

You look amazing as usual, love
the teal shorts! I want to wear
a crop top, but I don't feel
confident enough to show off my
belly haha..

Valentina said...

Really amazing look!

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♥ Natalie said...

Great outfit!
And the outdoor background is really cool! (:

charmeuse said...

Nice shorts color ;)

BlairBeautyBlogger said...

I love the way you styled the shirt! Great outfit! xx

Karina Novia said...

Fall in love with your sneakers

Lali said...


devin olivia said...

Love this look

LOLA FINN said...

You have a really amazing blag and fantastic style, girl :)
I love the way you look!! So cool every time :)
xoxo from Munich

Am2Pm Chic said...

That crop top look awesome on you, great look as always.

Zuu said...

Wow, love this outfit so much!

Sophie said...

cool photos, love the backgrounds of your pics xxx

I left my heart in Miami

mongol said...