Monday, April 15, 2013


Hi beautiful people! My day started really rough today. I woke up at 5:30am as usual and I slept only 3 hours. Then I had to stay in school till 3:00pm. Lack of rest and bit of a hang over was interacting me to concentrate on school. Plus LA weather was terrible. It was 60 and I was freezing in classroom and outside.Plus the bad news in Boston was terribly heartbreaking. I am praying for them. Well I don't wanna put my post really down.
 Let's talk about my outfit o the day. I took this photo few days ago. My mom sent me this lovely t shirt from Mongola. The symbol on it called "Soyombo". It placed on our national flag. It was just a regular men's t shirt but I cut off the sleeves and made into low dropped armhole top. I am really into low armhole tops. I got this pants from Toosexystore and It love how it fits me like a glove. I am into white lately a lot. Everything I buy is white nowadays :)
So here you go all! Have a beautiful day :)

So here is Mongolian flag and As you can see the symbol "Soyombo" is on my t-shirt 
 T-shirt gifted from Mongolia

<3 Una


Buttons Apart said...

I love your outfit! Hope you manage to get some rest!

Sita xx


these photos are awesome, loving the bright red wall, totally makes your awesome outfit stand out!


♥ Ellen
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Hanna & Christel said...

these pants look soo good on you!!


Color-Block said...


Anna Moore said...

great post!would you like to follow each other?
flw me on gfc&bloglovin and tell about this!
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Helena Resende said...

Nice :)

Linda Greaves said...

Love how the white skinnies make that top pop!

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Yuka said...

love the symbols on the shirt

Instant Milk said...

Cute! I love your shoes Una<3


Maddie said...

Such a great outfit!
Maybe you might consider following each other on GFC and Bloglovin? I will wait for you on my blog!

Anna Moore said...

flw back!

Ashleigh said...

Lovely outfit

raleve jesica said...

I wore this on an outing and the compliments came all evening. The jacket is stylish and warm. It has a nice fit. Thanks, cwmalls.coom, for your high quality mens leather jackets

Anonymous said...

are u mongolian?