Sunday, March 10, 2013

interview with Arthur

Hi all! As I promised on my facebook fanpage here is my final interview with my blogger friend Arthur Trujillo. He is a young designer who has LA based blog called TRUJILLOFASHION. He is a full time student who is currently studying in Downtown Los Angeles. Please follow his blog for lots of cool fashion events and LA street style photos. You will never get bored if his blog. So please welcome this cool guy :) 
Photo by me :)

1.What or who inspired you to start your blog?
...The Inspiration was many things...From the many talented & diverse artists who surround my everyday life here in Los Angeles to several other creative interests like: writing, photography, supporting local artists, socializing and creating valuable content. 
2.What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start their own blog?
 Know your target market, be consistent, take risks and make sacrifices.
3.What were you doing before blogging?
 I completed my Associates of Arts Degree at FIDM where I studied Merchandise Marketing and worked at a apparel wholesale company Daniel Rainn where I was a Overseas Production Coordinator.
4.What is your closet like? Is it a walk-in?
 A walk in??? I wish!!! It's so small and I need a shoe organizer.. Lol. I'm a full time student again studying fashion design & can't afford that luxury at the moment :)
5.What do you do in your spare time to relax?
 Hmmmmm... Chatting with my mom, dancing to good music, reading, eating, travel and an ice cold Stella always hits the sweet spot.
6.What music do you listen to and who is your all time favorite band/composer/musician?
 Mariah Carey is at the top of my chart. John Legend "Ordinary People," Christina Aguilera, Miguel, Phantogram, The Xx.... My music taste is all over the place and is definitely a mood thing.
(depending on your music taste)
Do you have anything special coming up/ regular event that we should know about?
 Nothing set in stone yet. Hoping to begin creative directing editorial style photo shoots for TFB & more fashion installations. Also be on the look out for TRUJILLO apparel & accessories in the coming months/year.
8.Do you like brocolli? :) if yes why
I like the top part of broccoli.
9. Can you describe your style in few words?
 Always changing & evolving. Relaxed, black, risk taking with no rules.
10. What do you think are the must have pieces in men's closet?
I've always said a blazer that fits is a definite staple. Perfect for any occasion/season and can be worn with any type of pant/short or under shirt...
11. What do you do first when you wake up in the morning?
Turn off my alarm and sleep for 5 more minutes which gets me in trouble sometimes. I value my rest! Then check my email/messages.
12. Who are your favorite designer?
Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, martinMARTIN, Roberto Capucci, Robert Geller......

I hope you enjoyed :)

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Great interview! He's got great style :)

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His style is amazing!

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nice interview

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thanks ffor sharing! he looks like a very cool guy!

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