Monday, October 22, 2012

Off to the races

Hi beautiful ladies and fellows! I am so happy to meet you guys here. When  do blogging it makes me so happy: It's like a whole new world. From today My schedule will be crazy. I have to wake up 5:30 am every morning and stay at school for 10 hours straight and some days I have a night class too. I am gonna be off from social life and sleep for a while. Well I should give it a try. My schoolmates and some of the instructors told me that it's going to be really hard. Ughhh I was frustrated on my first day. I spent around 250$ for my supplies. I don't think I am going to any Halloween party because of this. All I'm going to do is just to get an enough sleep whenever I get a chance lol.
So for my today's outfits are included my new love from OASAP. I am literally in love with this angora sweater. It's super soft and don't you love the cut out detail on the shoulder? I had fun with the girls in downtown LA. So here you go all!

Thay have this sweater on sale now, hurry up guys before it sold out. and they have free shipping world wide. :)
Skirt-Roommate's :p (Tnx Bebi)


Well... said...

That is such a cute sweater! Love the cut out shoulders and the pearls lining them :)

Trendy Teal


love this sweater!
kisses from Milano

Joy Shana said...

Love your sweater and those shades are cute

Anonymous said...

Lovely look! That is such a amazing sweater! kiss A.

Ice Pandora said...

Haha love the first
picture :P I thought
you were staring at
a cat or something

Anyway, you look
really sweet and
stylish c: as usual.


Tiffany said...

cute outfit! love the fox tail - I've got a few too :D

velvetbambi said...



gorgeous photos! love the sweater!


♥ Ellen

Claireta Teressa said...

love your top ♥

Shanah Fication said...

I love the entire look with the boots!!

karina said...

great look)

Mery said...

Hello dear!
i did not know your blog, it's great!
you have a new follower, follow me back?

FashionCherry said...

Hi Una!

Adore the angora sweater. Your look is just so unique and you pull it off with such confidence!

Really enjoy your blog!

~ Tasha

Sophie said...

your sweater is beautiful, I love the detail around the shoulders xxx

Bellamoreway said...

love your jumper too much <3 those pearl details makes it stunning!

EV said...

Love this outfit & that Gucci bag is so cute! The tail is the cherry on top~


Sara Clemente Alonso said...

Hi dear!

Love so much you're blog, follow u :)
My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

Hope u follow back :)

Lot of kisses.

ZxM Style-Squared said...

Love it!!!

Amanda said...

oh how gorgeous!

Ally J said...

Love your outfit that sweater is so pretty and looks really comfy. Your work load seems crazy! Good luck with everything :)


♥ Natalie said...

Looks pretty. And cute sweater!!


Diana Dazzling said...

WoW! I just love your style!
Lovely blog!

I follow you now, wanna follow me back? =)

BellaDiamond said...

hey love your style so much. your cool and so is your style. wish i knew how to follow to follow you. im new on this. please check out mine.

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

You are such a hardworking student. I could never stay in school for that long.

Beautiful sweater. Love the cut out shoulders.

Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

Marina H said...

I love the sweater and the color is stunning on you.

<3 Marina

Lisa said...

The sweater is so cute and you are adorable with your glasses on!

The Lovely Memoir

Tata Mo said...

I don't really like the colors but it suits you so well ;)

Florence said...

Haha nice glasses girl

nice blog, followed you ! Want to follow each other ?

x flo

Mei めい said...

love your sweater :)

Diana Dazzling said...

Hey beauty!
Can you see me now between your GFC followers?
I'm glad you liked my blog! =)
Keep in touch!

EMA said...

I love the color of your sweater and that skirt is beautiful! Very nice post

Jess said...

love the sweater! the colour is gorgeous!

Lolita in the Mix said...

Love that jumper!!

-xoxo- lorena

livlovelaugh said...

hi gorgeous~ LOOOOOVe your style~


Linde Lou said...

I love it! You have a great blog <3

Would you like to follow each other? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great blog darling, love your sweater

Anonymous said...

Yamar goy tsamts ve

Anonymous said...

Love the color combo

Anonymous said...

I love every thing in it hneyy


Anonymous said...

love OASAP


andy said...

amazing outfit!! perfect sweater and long skirt! love it :)

karo ;* said...

love that sweater !
aaaw, you look so cute with glasses my dear! :-)
xoxo karo ♥♥♥

K.I.S.S. said...

Thanks 4 your comment dear. I started following, hope you`ll follow back


♏αяᴄ נυηℊ ℃♄αηℯł℮тт℮ said...

Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
I follow you now ! Wanna be your friend!
Follow me back on facebook ,twitter,and GFC and add me as a friend in GFC
love you dear :)

Velvet Dreams said...

Hi dear, stunning outfit!
Have a nice weekend!

Francesca AmemipiacecosiBlog said...

really cute this sweater!! Thanks for coming on my blog, I'm following, hope you do the same :)

Francesca Riolfo said...

hi dear!!! lovely look ^^
i like the colors..
u have a great style!!!
follow each other?

Winnie said...

I love your outfit, you are gorgeous. you have a great style :D


M.E said...

the sweater is amazing! I love it, it's so original :)

Georgiana said...

such a girlie sweater.
Would you like to follow each other?

La Josie said...

You look so fab, I'm in love with your sweater ! Maybe we can follow each other if you want it ! xx said...

love your outfit. the colour and the cut!!
thanks for dropping by :)!

Lisa Lockhart said...

I love this sweater. And the whole way you styled this look, including your hair and makeup, is fabulous!