Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring and summer outfit ideas

Hi all! 
Summer is right around the corner. Everybody starts to wearing something bright and colorful thing. I love to wear loud colors and prints. I can't wait to wear bandeau top with something high waisted, because it suits my body well. Here are some of my ideas I created for you guys! So here you go all! Enjoy

Which one is your favorite?

spring 2




We are young!!

<3 Una


J n Nty said...

Love all the looks gorgeous,am ur new follower hope you follow back;)

kakuidori said...

hmmm i think you would look great in all of them but 4&5 would be my favs <3 have a nice weekend!

caise said...

great looks
I like these pink pants

Nieszka said...

I love the crochet skirt and blue dress. So lovely :)

Shara said...

thanx sweety for ur comment i am just following u:)kissees

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I love all the outfit inspirations. Gorgeous.

PS. Of course I liked your FB page doll.

<3 Marina

MateaTPol said...

im totally for 3,4. I love your blog really nice blog!

Jacquelyn said...

Love these! My favourite is number 2 :) You have a cool blog!


Rand T said...

wow amazing!!

Rakel said...

Great post! follow you dear! would you follow me back?! thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Great job ! Outfits are gorgeous . We follow you too . ;)

Lilli said...

I'm in love with the outfits n.4 and 5!:) Lovely ideas dear! Kisses!

Anna said...

outfits n.4...i'm following back on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks good *

But my favourite is the second one.
Magenta and fuschia are so sexy and magic....

Courtney said...

# 1 and #4 are so me! i NEED that bandeau top!


Psycho Cat said...

Everything is my favorite :D

Magdalena said...

great blog,i'm following you now :)
hope you will check my blog too :) xx ♥

Avi said...

Thanks for the following <3 Follow back of course!

I like more the third option. It's more like me ;D


Hi dear:)

I like so much this set nr 2. Where is this white sneakers from? I am planing to invest in something like this for a summer:)


Ana Agostinelli said...

Set #2 rocks!
So sad the summer has gone here in Brazil ):
Hope you have a great summer honey! xx

canvasofculture said...

great pairings&blog! 1 and 5 are my favorites. loving the edgy looks!

Laura Mint said...

These outfit ideas are really inspiring! I especially like the pink pants, they are perfect for spring and summer! :)
See you soon!

kathy said...

great ideas!
loving the video <3

Well... said...

Oh wow, I am LOVING looks 1, 4, and 5 the most <3
Great ideas for the warming weather. Its 85 degrees here! :D
Girl you need to get on Bloglovin so I won't miss your posts! Haha

Trendy Teal

Sunny & Star said...

I so love all of your picks. I need to do some major shopping now that the weather is warming up. I think I will place a few orders this weekend.

We are having a giveaway over on our blog, please stop by and enter.

Sunny Days and Starry Nights


Tserendulam Altangerel said...

very nice blog!!
4th look is my fav!!

Christian said...

★ (・∀・)

love pictures on your blog :) very nice layout. clean and charming. love your blog.

my blog (≧∀≦) σ :

Lindsay said...

now following you've got great style and an amazing blog :)

xoxo Lindsay

Caro * said...

I love your selection !! :)

samuelmorse said...

Hi,nice post.I love the collection of clothes .Thanks for sharing with us.

Laurice Anderson said...

Oh wow, this is all just so beautiful! I especially like outfit 3 and 4 (: they look so chilll :D Just want to know where did u get all your collections? Actually, since I got 2 kids, I never go shopping to mall anymore, I usually check online for cheap clothes instead of searching through racks and racks of items at the mall. It's been so easy and comfortable since I don't have to carry my kids at all when buying clothes or any stuff I need.