Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vegas Baby!

Hello Pretties! 
Happy New Year to all! I wish all of my readers the best of everything. May all your fashionable wishes come true this year. I wish your closet to be full of stylish clothes and shoes hehe! 
I went to Las Vegas with my bf and my 3 other friends. We had so much fun there. It's my second time visiting Vegas. From Los Angeles to Vegas, It will take only 4 hours to drive there. We stayed in Treasure Island hotel which we stayed before. Treasure Island is on the Las Vegas boulevard which is close to anything. I also had to watch Benny Benassi show in TAO club. It was amazing. Benny Benassi is  one of my favorite DJs. I love him. hehe
So here is some photos from my road trip.

Jacket-BCBG, Bodysuit-American apparel, Skirt-Bebe, Shoes-Charlotte Russe, Purse-Gucci, Earring-Gifted

Dress-BCBG Maxazria

We're all trying to jump, lol

Sweater-Ed Hardy, Tights-F21, Purse-Gucci

Steak House


stilettolover91 said...

You look so HOT in all these pictures!!! Great post!!!

Happy New Year!!

Girlie Blogger said...

Awwww. Miss Vegas. Such an exciting place. Bet you had fun.

Your outfits look so sexy. You have the longest legs.

Happy New Year!

Squared said...

Well, as always, I obviously love your Blue skirt and your BCBG dress is just "<3"
Lovely pictures, and it's awesome you went to see Benny Benassi!
Happy New Year! hope to see as many great posts from you this year


Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

I'm in love with that BCBG Maxazria! its so nice. You look great dear! Looks like you had a great new years!

Richelle said...

That BCBG dress is amazing! LV is such a fun place to be!


Tiffany said...

you look amazing!! so jealous you went to Vegas for NYE..must have been amazing. & I love Benny Benassi too!!

Michelle's Style File said...

You look amazing- love your leather jacket!!


Monse Fuentes said...

amazing pictures, looks that you had fan!!

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shoelazzo said...

Looks like you had a great time!
Wish you all the rest of 2012 to be like this :)

Fátima Payán said...

love the bcbg dress! perfect for new year's eve

karina said...

like you look)

Jadinexo said...

These pictures look amazing and I love that dress! x

Sveva said...

the bcbg dress is amazing!

Brigita said...

Love roadtrips!! LOve the outfit with the blue skirt!

Happy new year! :)

xx Brigita

Anonymous said...

wow the dress looks so awesome!
Las Vegas has to be fun! have a nice time :)

Angela Leberte said...

what a fun trip! i love your outfits!


V I V I D said...

Wow, you are very pretty and sexy! : )

Kate said...

Great photos!

kathy said...

i love vegas :)
you look gorgeous in these photos
i hope you have an amazing time!
all the best for 2012

Josie said...

I'm so jealous you went to Vegas AND got to see Benny Benassi! And you have some lovely dresses too xx

Anonymous said...

thank you, yes I follow you back, your blog is just amazing :)

Kid said...

Great pictures. I wish I have a chance to go that places. :)

S4SisterStyle said...

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Coco2000 said...

AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! IT´S SOOOOO CRAZY !!! LOVEEEE ALL ON THIS POST !!!! I´m your newest follower !!! =) wawwwww Las Vegas is soooo sooo sooo far from my little Seville (Spain) !!


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Anonymous said...

wonderful trip you've made guys -_-

sharon lei said...

Honey, you look AMAZING!!! Glad you had such a fun time in Vegas. One day, we'll go together... Muah. Happy New Year, love.

xx Love & Aloha

artichoke heart said...

you are so gorgeous! classic beauty

check out my new blog loverly x
if you like follow and i shall dot he same!

Clara Turbay said...

Good sellection happy 2012!

vonnie said...

You work that AA body suit so well ;)

vonnie <3

dina vanessa mercado said...

great blog!!!

following you now...

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de luxe gypsy said...

Looks like an amazing time, so jealous! Love that turquoise bebe skirt and the Maxazria dress! You look stunning. Happy New Year!xx

Shara said...

cool pics but i am in love with ur bcbg dress awesome:)La Folie 

Sidney Salim said...

I love your dresses! You look so beautiful <3
Pose Posh Post

aiken said...

great looks over your vacay!! :) and btw, thanks for dropping by my blog :D

Honey from said...

oooooh girl you rock those dresses!
You look amazing ! ;)

From your new follower!

The Tiny Closet said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!!! I'm in love with the BCBG dress you wore!!

Happy New Year!!

Joyce said...

I love your BCBG dress, it is gorgeous! Seems like you had a lot of fun and the outfits you wore on this trip are lovely :)

Fashion-Bridge said...

You look absolutely adorable! Especially I love BCBG dress! It suits you perfectly! Such a stunning piece!



Erika said...

beautiful outfit!

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Marzena said...

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Cara said...

fun fun fun! Love your bright skirt!
xo Cara

yiqin; said...

you look amazing! I wish i can go there :(


thanks for following me, you have a new follower now;)

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Have anyone ever told you that you look like supermodel Devon Aoki? ^_^
Oh, and I see you have turned off the music. Thank you!! Now I can read your blog even when people are around without startling them, haha!

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Awesome photos... Great blog...We enjoy your photos!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Celebrity Style Tips said...

Loved your skirt and dress!

Indy Andrea Mumu said...

aw your looks are too cool to be true ♥

Head to Toe Chic said...

Great pictures and I love your style! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Following your blog now :)


Kendra Alexandra said...

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Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

I love your outfits, I love your style bebe, Follow each other?

Paula said...

Love the leather jacket! I´m following you back dear. Have a fab weekend!


Ann Constance said...

Nice pics! Love color of your babe skirt and amazing bcbg max azria dress!


Anna-Lena said...

i'm absolutely in love with your leatherjacket!!
x anna-lena

Anna Tran said...

That bcbg max dress looks stunning. looks like great memories :)
by the way - thanks for following me. Im followin you as well yay!
xx. anna