Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Sheer Obsessions

Lately I've been obsessed with sheer materials. I know It's not a sheer season, but who cares. I found these awesome things from Asos. I like how it flows on my skin. So here is my wishlist. hope you like them fashioniastas!

Cute bow tights-here

Maxi skirt-here

Perfect edgy top-here

sexy fun pants-here

Cute tights-here

<3 Una



Anonymous said...

OMG.....the tights are SOOOO cute!!! I may have to get! Thank you for following me....I am now following you too :)

Girlie Blogger said...

Ooh la la very sexy!

The Girlie Blog

sharon lei said...

I love the blue shirt. I like that its long in front and short in back. I'm gonna make me one. :) when do you start your fashion classes? Muah!

xx Love & Aloha

Nadine Natalin said...

OMG! im into sheers to :) i love how they accentuate my body HAHAHA!!!

Cookie said...

it looks so perfect!

Aimee Victoria Long said...

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Natalie Leung said...

wow awesome, I love the tights!! now following <3


Jazmin said...

Thanks for the suggestion on the photos.
Following you as well.

Barbie said...

The sheer look is so cute, but I don't think I can pull it off. I saw a dress at H&M the other day that was like a short cocktail dress, with a sheer dress to the floor over top. It was cute, but I'd never pull it off. :)

Good post!

Melu103 said...

hey gorgeous!
i love your blog
you are so stylish!

i am definitely following back
lets keep in touch <3

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ xoxo melina

Cara said...

Love the little bow tights!
xo Cara

Miriam Stella said...

thank you for visit my blog! i also like your bog! sure i follow you! but i can't see you in my followers as you told! please, can you check?
thank you!
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Christina Lala Lamz said...

great post! love your picks.

stop by some time at


Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...

i totally love sheer stuff too, its so beautiful and delicate but very on trend too!


Fashion Pad said...

I love the first pair of tights. That bow is so unexpected.

The Little Dust Princess said...

I have those heart tights from last year! haha

Anonymous said...

They look very good!

Fabrizia said...

Amazing and adorable tights, I like them, especially the pair with the bow!

Take a look and follow me if you like
Cosa mi metto???

andy said...

amazing photos and looks! thanks for visiting my blog! of course I follow you! :)


Marica said...

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THANKS A LOT!! I’ll follow you! Kiss

WOWS said...

Sexy thigs!

Thanks for your nice comment and following, of course I follow you back!

I'm following you now.

Kisses from Spain

Bonnie said...

Those bow tights are great. I love how fun they are.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Carol said...

seriously love this post! especially the first tights!! i'm a new follower :)


Denise Pacurar said...

I love different tights!!The first one with the bows is perfect for the holidays!!!!

Love it!

xoxo Denise - Your newest follower :)

lepinkbow said...

such great finds!! (:

alison*elle said...

I love sheer things too... those bow tights are ADORABLE.

xo, alison*elle

Lovelyn Ziah said...

Lovely photos. The outfits were all great. Please don't forget to visit LIFO. It's a free fashion hub which includes an online wardrobe where you can create outfits and get fashion feedback from friends.

Sidney Salim said...

Me too! I'm super obsessed with sheer material. sheer top, sheer maxi skirt, sheer blouse, sheer everything! Oh, and that bow tights is so adorable. It's on sale now! I'm definitely getting it ;)
Pose Posh Post

Annabel said...

oooh those tights are sexy!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I am following you too! Thanks!

Summer-Raye said...

How adorable are these tights. super cute.
Id love for you to check out my blog and follow along. Let me know if you do, Ill be sure to follow back!

can't wait,

Style Servings said...

Loving the sheer trend. Great finds!

Angelica said...

That black sheer skirt is so cool, I wish I had the legs to pull it off! I would definitely wear it! :)

Love you blog, just followed it, I would love it if you could do the same:

And please comment on whatever you'd like.

Angelica xoxo

Rach said...

The tights with the bow are divine!!!! I love them soo much!!!

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sagalina said...

thanks for your sweet comment :)
the maxi skirts is so chic!!!
ill follow you back :)

Anonymous said...

Me and sheer don't get on too well! I love these items though! And I love cute tights with different patterns xxx

Ann. said...

I like it :))


Anonymous said...

great pics, Im yet to order anything from Asos, one of these days!

Lisa Lockhart said...

I really love sheer clothing too! I like that blue top but those pants are crazy haha. IDK if i could ever pull those off!


Jacquii Lie said...

following youuuu!! :) xx

Couture Caddy

Nicole Marie said...

Those first pair of tights are so cute! I need those!

Nicole Marie

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

*groan* The 1st pic kills me! I've always wanted to wear something like those pattern black stockings, but I don't think I have the guts to do it for work. I mean, I'm already notorious for dressing like a Barbie doll when all other girls at the office wear uniforms (I refused uniforms down flat). And in the tropics, stockings you can only wear inside a freezing building.

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LeeAnne, Style N Season